More Than Corn

Changing the narrative on farming in Indiana

PIFF is proud to sponsor the documentary series, More Than Corn, which shines a spotlight on the Hoosier farmers who dedicate their time and talent to growing healthy, delicious food for us to enjoy right here in Indiana. Through this partnership, our goal is to change the narrative on farming in Indiana. 

Indiana is More Than Corn. Indiana is a ripe local watermelon, juice dripping down your fingers on a hot July day. Indiana is pumpkin patches and hayrides, and family gathered round a pasture-raised turkey on the Thanksgiving table. Indiana is game night with your friends, where snow is blowing outside but you’re warm inside with local ciders and brews. Indiana is the first warm day of spring, with farmers planting carrots and collards and welcoming spring lambs, all the way from Gary to Madison. Indiana is growing an abundance of food for Hoosiers in every urban lot, rural farm, and small town.

At Partners IN Food and Farming (PIFF), we celebrate all that is Indiana farming, and our growing food system: Our vision is a thriving and connected food community for Indiana. Where farmers can make a living. Where restaurants and businesses and hospitals and schools dish up delicious food grown on Indiana farms. Where we don’t import 98% of our fruits and vegetables. Where all Hoosiers have a nourishing diet and a full pantry. Where our farming practices are healing our soils and our communities. More Than Corn helps PIFF show the good work that’s already happening in Indiana, and build energy for the work ahead. Enjoy the docuseries - and then join us in creating a thriving and connected food community in Indiana.

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Season Two Trailer

The trailer for Season Two of More Than Corn is out! Each episode in Season Two will feature a different farm tackling big questions and projects as they grow their farm. We're excited to start releasing episodes in 2024, including Soul Food Project (Episode 1) and Nightfall Farm (Episode 2).

Upcoming Screenings

March 3rd, 2pm, Kan-Kan Theater, Indianapolis. Get tickets here!