Focus Groups

Listening. Then Acting.

Our goal at PIFF is to take time to listen to underheard farmers and food system advocates. We want to see how best PIFF can try to serve these Hoosiers’ needs, and then work alongside them for a stronger food system in Indiana. 

In 2022, we hosted focus groups with representatives from the following groups: women farmers; Black farmers, Indigenous farmers, and farmers of Color; and organic/transitioning grain farmers. We asked how their identities strengthened their farms, where they go to learn, what obstacles they’re facing, and more to give us a clearer picture on how we can serve their needs. 

Their insights have already helped us shape field days, events, and programs that support diversified farmers in Indiana. Participants received $50 for their contributions as well as the chance to connect with their peers. 

We've been working hard to organize the 2023-2024 Focus Groups, and we can't wait to share an update. Stay tuned by subscribing to our e-newsletter.

We’re already brainstorming what “affinity groups” we should reach out to in 2024-2025. This could be based on topic, demographics, geography, or other unifying forces. We’ve pondered gathering food banks/pantries integrating local food; older landowners seeking to transfer land to beginning farmers; land seekers; urban farmers; and others. We’d like to hear your ideas! Email us your focus group suggestions at