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When you donate to Partners IN Food and Farming, you are helping farmers build community as well as a stronger food system across the state of Indiana. Your philanthropic support ensures that we are able to offer programming, services, and resources that help Indiana farmers build stronger farms that will last years to come. We are grateful for your support!

PIFF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible. Online donations are accepted at multiple levels, either as a one-time donation or recurring. 

Program and Event Sponsorships

Our programs are at the heart of what we do and we are committed to providing no to low cost education opportunities for the farming and food community here in Indiana. Your donation can help bring these opportunities to those that need them. 

There are two ways to sponsor a program event, either the individual options below (such as a New Farmer U scholarship) or the program in general. We offer three levels of program sponsorship: whole, half, or partial. A whole donation is $1000 and will sponsor the majority of an event, such as a field day. A half donation ($500) covers part of the program and will be enough to cover certain costs, such as travel stipends for our mentorship attendees. The partial donation ($250) will be enough to cover operational expenses for programs and events.

Interested in supporting our programs and events directly? Contact us!

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We're looking to folks to help! Tell us how you can help by filling out the form here, and we’ll match your skills with our projects and events. 

We're specifically looking for folks with enthusiasm and passion. If you have any of the following talents, consider joining us: